Jim – Trumpet

Jim – Trumpet
Year Joined: 1967


Jim is a retired 3M Engineer and manager.  Jim has been an active volunteer, musician and trumpet player his entire life and has played in or plays in the South Dakota Symphony, the 3M/EMSO beginning in 1967 with his wife Karen, various community bands, church ensembles, the Encore Wind Ensemble, and now EMSO. the Northwinds British Brass Band, the Bavarian Music Meisters, and the U of MN Alumni Band.   In college, he played in the U of M Concert Band Ensemble, participated in two Rose Bowls and was introduced to his wife Karen by Dr. Bencrischutto, the U of M Band Director for many years.   Karen and Jim played together for over 40 years before she retired from playing the trumpet in the 3M Orchestra, and four of their five children have played with the 3M/EMSO over the years in various performances.