Joyce (Bjorklund) Laidlaw-clarinet

Joyce Laidlaw  is principal clarinetist with EMSO.  She joined the 3M orchestra in 1973 and continued with EMSO She is a retired hospital laboratory scientist She grew up in Fergus Falls, MN and now lives in St Paul, MN Her favorite hobby is genealogy, volunteering, and music.  She is a retired member of the 451st […]

Carl Meincke-trombone

Carl Meincke joined EMSO in 2016. He is a retired music educator He grew up in Green Bay, WI and currently resides in Hudson, WI Instrument: Edwards bass trombone

Joan Molloy-Violin and concertmaster

Joan Molloy  joined EMSO in 2017, serving first as a temporary concert master, and then obtaining the position beginning in the 2017-18 concert year. She works as a violinist and violin teacher She grew up in Oberlin and St Cloud, but now lives in River Falls, WI She loves to garden, spend time with her […]

James Slegers-viola

James Slegers joined EMSO in 2016 He works as an electrical engineer at MISO He grew up in Orange City, IA but now resides in St Paul, MN He loves bicycling and exploring Instrument: viola

Jeanette Burianek-violin

Jeanette Burianek joined EMSO in 2017 She works as a paraprofessional at East Ridge High School and also is an instructor for their Color Guard She grew up and continues to reside in Woodbury, MN Her favorite hobby is marching band Instrument: Jeanette plays a Caprice Deluxe Cleveland violin, 2003

Jake Dalbec-percussion

Jake Dalbec joined EMSO in 2012 He works as a geologist and project manager for an environmental consulting firm He grew up in Silver Lake, MN but currently lives in Maple Grove, MN He enjoys fishing, golfing, hiking, soccer and skiing He plays every possible percussion instrument

Kyle Bryson-Percussion

Kyle Bryson joined EMSO in the winter of 2017. He currently works in Product development at 3M He grew up in Pennsylvania, and now resides in St. Paul, MN His favorite hobby is jazz music He plays a Zildjian cymbals along with many other percussion instruments

Travis Bruns-Bass

Travis Bruns Joined EMSO on 2018 Currently working as a veterinary anesthetist He grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska but currently resides in Woodbury, MN He has many hobbies and interests Instrument: 1986 Polman String bass

Kendall Langsten-Cello

Kendall Langsten joined EMSO in 2018. She works as a veterinarian. She grew up in Chicago but currently lives in St Paul She loves doing anything outdoors!  She also has the important role of Personnel Manager for the orchestra.  We keep her busy! Instrument: Cello