EMSO Welcomes Craig Hara

EMSO welcomes a new music director and conductorThe East Metro Symphony Orchestra is happy to introduce Craig Hara as its new music director and conductor.  Craig is a multi-faceted musician, educator and producer, playing trumpet, drums, percussion, EVI (electronic valve instrument), guitar, bass, keyboards/synthesizers and vocals. “My appointment to the position of music director and […]

Summer 2019 – Celebrating 10 Years of EMSO

Music and friends abound at EMSO’s final performance of 2018-2019 10th anniversary concert season A tremendous thank you to everyone who made EMSO’s final concert of our 10th anniversary season so sensational! So many wonderful friends and supporters joined us at Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater to celebrate the first 10 years of EMSO on May 19, 2019.  Special thanks to our wonderful […]

Member Spotlight-Joyce Laidlaw

Joyce Laidlaw is a natural.  After 46 years with the 3M Symphony Orchestra and East Metro Symphony Orchestra, Joyce knows what it takes to be a part of a musical team. She’s had a lot of great experiences to work from.  “I primarily play clarinet and have been playing since fourth grade.  I also play some […]

10 Years of Music and Community

Saying thank you to EMSO’s artistic partners For the last 10 years, EMSO has had the privilege of partnering with over 40 artistic groups, musical organizations, and individual performers to create a broad range of educational, multicultural, and inspirational orchestral experiences for our orchestra and our audiences.  From solo musicians and church choirs, to dancing companies and cultural musical groups, our artistic partnerships […]

Member Spotlight Ron Larson

Ron Larson knows what matters.  And with 10 years with the East Metro Symphony Orchestra, and many years with the 3M Symphony Orchestra before that, he knows that music matters a lot. “I have always needed musical outlets to maintain my sanity.  I have been playing music for over 60 years.  I play both violin […]

May 7-An Evening with EMSO

In the spirit of our mission to provide a broad range of orchestral experiences to our community, EMSO is proud to present a community concert at Boutwells Landing Senior Living Center. The concert will be presented in the Boutwells Landing Auditorium. This concert will feature special guests violinist and former EMSO concertmaster Michal Sobieski and […]

The Concertmasters

EMSO has only had two concertmasters in its 10 years as an independent, non-profit, community orchestra.  Here’s what they have to say about the experience. What is a concertmaster and what does he or she do? Michal Sobieski: The concertmaster is the first chair of the orchestra. He tunes the orchestra before rehearsals and concerts. He is responsible for leading, […]

Member Spotlight-Jim Cheeseman

Jim Cheeseman is devoted.  After 56 years with the EMSO (and the former 3M Symphony Orchestra), Jim has been with the orchestra longer than any other member.  He has seen it all, heard it all, and played it all. Jim has played the French horn for 69 years, but his induction into EMSO wasn’t exactly […]

May 19-10 Years and Still Celebrating

EMSO’s final concert of its 10th anniversary season will recognize and celebrate some of the best music, moments, and friends in the orchestra’s history. EMSO is known for its unique collaborations with remarkable artistic partners and its accessible presentations of a variety of musical styles including classical music, folk and cultural music, and new compositions. […]