Barb Englund

Joined EMSO March 2018

Instrument: Cello.  Made by Michael Scoggins

Barbara is a retired music teacher.  She grew up and currently lives in Hudson, Wisconsin.

In her free time, she loves taking care of pets and gardening.

Katharine Dooley

Joined EMSO in 2018

Instrument: Cello

Katharine currently works in the field of health education.  She grew up in Boston but is currently living in Minneapolis.  She loves indoor rock climbing and travelling.

Stephen Thompson

Steve joined the EMSO in 2017 as a cellist.  Steve started playing cello about 15 years ago when his 8 year old daughter started taking violin lessons with this idea that he could keep pace with her as she progressed.  They are both still playing in orchestras (but she is far better than her dad!).

Steve is a geologist/hydrogeologist and spent most of his career working in groundwater protection for the State of Minnesota (DNR and MPCA).  Now he spends his time on his small farm near River Falls, WI.

Activities include woodworking, making maple syrup, bailing hay.  He is slowly restoring an old (1860’s) log home which was one of the first homes in the neighborhood and starting work on a timber frame barn.

Veronica Rademaker

Joined EMSO in 2018

Instrument: viola

She is a student working on a degree in chemistry.

She currently lives in St Paul

Her hobbies include music, reading and makeup


James Slegers

joined EMSO in 2016

Instrument: viola

He works as an electrical engineer at MISO

He grew up in Orange City, IA but now resides in St Paul, MN

James loves bicycling and exploring


Travis Bruns

Joined EMSO on 2018

Instrument: 1986 Polman String bass

Currently working as a veterinary anesthetist

He grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska but currently resides in Woodbury, MN

He has many hobbies and interests


Kendall Langsten

joined EMSO in 2018.

Instrument: Cello

She works as a veterinarian.

She grew up in Chicago but currently lives in St Paul

She loves doing anything outdoors!  She also has the important role of Personnel Manager for the orchestra.  We keep her busy!



Nahree Ki-Cello

Joined EMSO in 2018.

Instrument: Cello

She currently works in 3M global product marketing.

She grew up in Chicago, IL but currently lives in Columbia Heights, MN

She loves drawing, traveling, reading, and making terrible music puns.  Ask her sometime about riding a camel to work one day.  Maybe she will ride it to a concert sometime!