Become a Member

Do I need to audition to be part of EMSO? 

Auditions are generally not necessary.  String players are always needed; other sections may or may not need additional musicians depending on particular orchestrations and availability of regular members.  Please email or contact us for more information.

When are EMSO rehearsals? 

The EMSO season is September through May.  Weekly rehearsals are Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 8:30pm in the Orchestra Room at East Ridge High School, 4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury.  Occasionally rehearsals are held at other locations when our regular location is unavailable.  Dress rehearsals are typically the day before the concert at the concert venue.  If you are interested in attending a rehearsal, please email or contact us for more information.

How many concerts are performed each season? 

Schedules may vary, but most seasons consist of five concerts held September through May.

What type of music does EMSO play? 

EMSO is a traditional symphony orchestra and plays classical music, although we do not limit ourselves to that genre alone.

One of the wonderful opportunities provided by our location in the eastern Twin Cities metro area is the chance to meet and work with remarkable individuals and organizations, establishing and performing educational partnerships with them.

Where are EMSO concerts held? 

EMSO concerts are held at various locations throughout the East Metro.  Past locations have included East Ridge High School, Tartan High School, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Stillwater Junior High School, etc.  Please see the details for our current season to find up-to-date concert venue information.

What is the EMSO schedule this year? 
EMSO always has something exciting planned!  Please see the details for our current season to find up-to-date concert information and take a look at what we did last season.

What are orchestra members expected to wear at concerts? 

Performance attire for orchestra members is generally black tuxedos for men and all black for women.

Do members have to attend all rehearsals? 

Members are expected to attend all rehearsals.  However, given the complicated lives of adults, it may be necessary to miss the occasional rehearsal.  Due to the limited number of rehearsals for each concert, members are expected to generally miss no more than one rehearsal for that concert.  Dress rehearsals are considered mandatory.

What is the expected member donation? 

Monetary Donation

All full-time members are asked to make a donation to the orchestra (the suggested minimum donation is $100).  Returning members should make their donation in the fall.  New members can make their donation after their first concert.

How else can I get involved with EMSO? 


EMSO thrives because of its members and supporters; you can participate in a variety of ways:


All orchestra members are expected to help with publicity.  You will be asked to distribute and post concert flyers to local businesses and organizations you customarily deal with, send email invitations to friends, family, and colleagues, and promote the sale of concert tickets.  Contact us to learn how you can help.

Financial Support

EMSO operates on a very lean budget and can use any and all financial support.  We encourage you to help bring in monetary support from friends and family, businesses, and your places of employment (which may have a program to provide funds to organizations supported by employees).  EMSO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations (including yours) made to the orchestra are fully tax deductible.  Visit our Support page to learn more about making a donation to EMSO.

Donate Your Time and Expertise

EMSO needs the assistance of its members and friends to carry out all of its administrative tasks and duties, many of which may correlate to their interests and expertise.  These may be one-time tasks, service on committees, serving on the board, and identifying other individuals, organizations, and businesses that might be able to support the orchestra with their service.

Any further questions that aren’t addressed here?  Contact Us!