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EMSO concerts are always relaxed, informal, and appropriate for all ages and musical backgrounds. Everyone is warmly invited to join us for each and every event and to meet EMSO’s wonderful musicians during our informal receptions following a performance.

Orchestra Audience Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend a concert?

EMSO concerts are open to all members of the community looking for new and exciting musical experiences. All of our concerts are informal and family-friendly and are welcoming to people of all ages.

What should I wear?

EMSO’s concerts are typically informal, and designed to be welcoming to all people. Casual dressy clothing is common, but there is no dress code. Wear what makes you comfortable.

When should I arrive?

It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the concert begins in order to give yourself time for parking, purchasing tickets, and finding your seat. Our venues change from performance to performance, so the time needed can vary. Most of our venues offer free parking, are handicap accessible, and do not require assigned seating.

How long is the concert?

Most EMSO concerts last 1 to 2 hours and include a 10-20 minute intermission if they are over an hour in length.

Can I take pictures or use my cell phone during the concert?

The orchestra allows the taking of photographs during performances as long as flashes are not used. We would love to have you share about your concert experience on social media! However, we ask that you follow standard phone etiquette and turn off your cell phone’s ring tone and refrain from making phone calls, checking messages, or using the internet during the concert out of respect for your fellow audience members.

Do I need to know about the music the orchestra is playing to enjoy a concert?

Absolutely not! A concert is a great way to learn about new music, regardless of your previous experience with a musical piece or genre. It is common at our concerts to have our conductor share background information on the music. We also offer extensive information in the concert programs. There are also opportunities to talk to the musicians and conductor about the music, the instruments, and your thoughts about the performance after the concert.

When do I applaud?

Applauding at the entrance of the conductor and concertmaster is common. Applauding between individual pieces is appreciated, but please refrain from applauding between the movements of a single piece. Applauding individual performers within a piece is also acceptable.

Can I get up and move around during the concert?

EMSO concerts are often interactive! Clapping, toe tapping and even dancing are often encouraged. We welcome our audience to enjoy and experience the music in their own way. We just ask that you be respectful of the orchestra and your fellow audience members. If you know you will have to get up during the performance sit where you can do so without interfering with another audience members experience.

What happens after the concert?

EMSO concerts are usually followed by a post-concert reception featuring treats and a chance to talk with individual musician, the conductor and concertmaster, as well as the board. We would love for you to join us!

Last Modified on September 16, 2019
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