Mark Mohwinkel – Trombone

Mark Mohwinkel joined EMSO in 2005. 

Mark became a member of EMSO (formally 3M Symphony Orchestra) after subbing a couple of times and getting hooked. In his real life, he’s a retired Engineering Specialist and was with 3M for over 36 years. 

Although his career was technical, music has always been a major part of his life. At Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, Mark received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Physics with minors in Music and Mathematics. While at Gustavus, he played trombone, and sometimes tuba, in the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Symphony Orchestra, Brass Choir, Trombone Choir, Chapel Brass, GAMPEC and Hoffalo Lake Brass Trio. He then went on to receive an MSEE from the University of Minnesota while playing in one of the University’s jazz bands and teaching trombone in south Minneapolis. 

Along with EMSO, he is a charter member of the Bend in the River Big Band, does a small amount of freelance work and currently serves on the EMSO Board of Directors. Mark plays a 1967 Conn 48H “Constellation” Tenor Trombone (and sometimes, his ~1912 JW York “Monster” Eb Tuba.) 

Mark currently serves on the EMSO Board of Directors.