Our Musicians

EMSO celebrates the diversity of its members, who come from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions. We welcome members with a range of musical ability and provide a supportive atmosphere for honing and broadening musical skills. Our members range in age from 18 to 70+ and include scientists, business owners, machinists, school custodians, lab technicians, retirees, teachers, homemakers, healthcare workers, and students. We also welcome high school musicians who are looking to supplement the musical opportunities offered by their district.

EMSO has approximately 50 musicians who perform in each concert or season.

If you are interested in becoming a member of EMSO, visit our join page for information.


Meet the EMSO Musicians

Aja Majkrzak  
Breanna Callaway Patty Cook*
William Chiu Shannon DeBord
David Englund Justine Pearson
Racheal Frost Brenda Renalls
Mary Jane Latu  
Jeanette Mallery CLARINET
Zarah Mamun Phyllis Comstock
Angie Newgren Kim Heit
Natasha Osterkamp Joyce Laidlaw*
Karl Ruesterholz  
Saren Taing
Janice Wenker OBOE
  Leanne Ekstadt*
  Haley Martin
Steve Crooks BASSOON
Kyle Johnson Jill Halberg
Ron Larson Terry Wilson*
Aaron Ruikka  
James Slegers*  
Brittany Wagner FRENCH HORN
Jamie Wheeler Dwight Erickson
  Brianna Larsen
  Caitlin Race
CELLO John Sassaman*
Barbara Englund  
Shan Jiang  
Richard Klauer Kevin Mallery
Michael Merriman Jim McCarville*
Stephen Thompson  
Jim Wainwright*  
  Carl Meincke
BASS Mark Mohwinkel*
Travis Bruns*  
Scott Halberg  
Laura Miller TUBA
   Jeff Hogden*
  Kyle Bryson
  Jake Dalbec*
  Robin Waller