Shan Jiang – Cello

Shan joined EMSO in 2019 as a cellist after she moved to Twin Cities from Boston. She learned about EMSO from a friend and decided to be a player right after her first concert with EMSO – as an audience member.

Shan appreciates the great opportunity to play with a diverse group of talented musicians who share enthusiasm for music. She plays the Rudouff Doetsch cello No. 19209 made in 90’s. Before joining EMSO, Shan was a member of MIT IAP Orchestra and Nankai University Orchestra.

Grew up in Beijing, Shan came to the US to pursue her master’s degree in economics at Vanderbilt University. Currently, she lives in Woodbury MN and enjoys her life with her husband Lin, cat Humi and their new family addition baby Noran.

Outside of EMSO, Shan loves cooking, camping, hiking, and skiing.