10th Annual Side-by-Side Concert

Celebrating Ten Years of Education and Music

EMSO commemorated its tenth year as a community catalyst for music education with its 10th Annual Side-By-Side concert.

The East Metro Symphony Orchestra presented the 10th Annual Side-By-Side concert on November 20, 2018 at East Ridge High School.  The side-by-side concerts are an opportunity for young high school orchestra students to play side-by-side with the seasoned musicians of EMSO. The stage was chock-full of orchestra students from Woodbury’s East Ridge High School, making music together and enjoying the sharing of musical experiences across many generations.

Our Side-by-Side work is some of the most satisfying projects each season. EMSO’s biggest message to young orchestra students is that continuing to play in an orchestra can be an important part of your life, regardless of your ultimate profession. EMSO’s members represent a multitude of professions, ages, and skills.

EMSO would like to thank Kelly Karow-DeMorett and her wonderful students for all of their contributions to our Side-By-Side concerts over the last 10 years!