Member Spotlight: Matthew Springer

Matthew Springer

Matthew Springer was looking for a challenge.  The music the high school student was playing in his school band was too easy for him and Matthew wanted to try something new.  “I joined EMSO in 2017 because I wanted to improve my musical skills.  I am a senior in high school this year and will be going to college next fall.  I hope to either play in professional pit orchestras or on a cruise ship, or both, in the future.”

Matthew has played bassoon for just over five years, and the complexity of the instrument is what he finds exciting about playing it.  “My favorite thing about playing bassoon is how rhythmic it is. The complications of the fingering system make it more satisfying to play than most other instruments. My favorite memory from my time with the orchestra was playing Franck’s Symphony in D Minor (French Passions, 2019) last fall. It made me feel a way music had never made me feel and that is saying a lot considering how much music I have played.  I am looking forward to our concert in May.  I will be happy to dig into some new repertoire.”

In the future, Matthew hopes to see more great things from EMSO and its community of musicians.  “I hope to see even more musical growth in the orchestra. In my short time with EMSO, I have heard the group grow, and I hope that growth continues forever. There is no thrill like playing music live with an ensemble.  I would encourage others to join EMSO or attend a concert because it is a good way to hear great music. A lot of people do not experience live music often, and it is incredible to hear and be a part of a live ensemble performance.”