Member Spotlight: Ron Larson

Ron Larson

Ron Larson knows what matters.  And with 10 years with the East Metro Symphony Orchestra, and many years with the 3M Symphony Orchestra before that, he knows that music matters a lot. “I have always needed musical outlets to maintain my sanity.  I have been playing music for over 60 years.  I play both violin and viola.  I taught strings for 4 years, and played in a strolling violin group, The Elizabethan Strings, in Rochester, Minnesota.  I wanted to play drums, so I also marched with the Osman Shrine Drum and Bugle group for 20 years.”

EMSO has been a great outlet for Ron.  Retiring from 3M in 1997, he continued with the 3M Symphony Orchestra and stuck with the orchestra through its transition to EMSO.  He says the changes have brought some really great improvements.  “I have seen many younger people join the orchestra and the orchestra’s performances have improved as well.”

For Ron, the orchestra’s best moments are all about the wonderful people who have been a part of sharing the music.   “I have really enjoyed playing The Nutcracker for real dancers. I have also enjoyed playing with soloists from our orchestra and musical guest performers.  My favorite memories are performing quality music with [EMSO Music Director and Conductor] Elizabeth P. Barnes; hearing [former EMSO concertmaster] Mike Sobieski play wonderful solos; and groaning at [EMSO French horn player] Jim Cheeseman’s humor!”

Ron hopes to see the orchestra continue to play a role as an important part of the community.  “Music is comfort for the soul.  I hope the orchestra will continue to grow, evolve, and become even more successful.  Having twice as many strings would be nice, too!”