Jake Dalbec – Percussion

Jake Dalbec joined EMSO in 2012. He is the principal percussionist for EMSO. Jake primarily plays timpani along with several rhythm and auxiliary percussion instruments. He works as a senior geologist and project manager in the environmental consulting industry. He grew up in Silver Lake, MN and currently lives in St. Louis Park, MN. He

Kyle Bryson – Percussion

Kyle Bryson joined EMSO in the winter of 2017. He plays Zildjian cymbals along with many other percussion instruments. He currently works in Product Development at 3M. He grew up in Pennsylvania and now resides in St. Paul, MN. His favorite hobby is jazz music. He is currently serving as EMSO’s Librarian.

Dwight Erickson – French Horn

Dwight Erickson joined the 3M Symphony Orchestra in 1979 and continues to perform with EMSO. He plays a King Double French Horn. Dwight grew up in Jordan, MN and played French horn and mellophone in marching and concert band there as well as concert band at Hamline University. After obtaining a BA degree in chemistry

John Sassaman – French Horn

John Sassaman joined EMSO in 2014. Currently he plays a Paxman descant and 1964 vintage Conn 8D. John grew up in Pennsylvania. John lives in Lindstrom, MN, a beautiful city north of Stillwater. John’s hobbies include a strong appreciation for music, listening to it, and playing it (obviously). John is employed as a lead software

Jim McCarville – Trumpet

Jim McCarville joined EMSO in 1967. Jim and his wife both purchased handmade Bach Stradivarius Trumpets back when they were in college which they still play.  Those trumpets are now considered collectibles. Jim joined the 3M Symphony Orchestra in early 1967, along with his wife Karen. They were the orchestra’s trumpet section along with several

Mark Mohwinkel – Trombone

Mark joined EMSO in 2005. Mark became a member of the former 3M Symphony Orchestra after subbing a few times and getting hooked. In 2019, he retired from his 36-year career with 3M. He left 3M as an Engineering Specialist and the corporate expert in contamination control. Although his career was technical, music has always